Suicide Care

Some Common Myths about Suicide

Some Common Myths about Suicide

Only certain types of people think of suicide

Anyone can have thoughts of suicide and no one is immune

People who talk about suicide are just attention-seeking

People who talk about suicide are doing so because it is being considered as an option & what they need is someone to listen

Once a person is intent upon suicide there is nothing we can do to stop them Most people thinking about suicide want to end the pain, not their life. With care and support, they will seek alternatives to dying.

Teenagers have the highest rates of suicide Every suicide is a tragedy, but it is even more tragic when the suicide death is of a teen. However, teenagers do not have the highest rates – or numbers – of suicides. It is particularly prevalent among young men in their 20’s and 30’s, but also in men over 75.
Asking someone about suicide might put the idea in their head This common – but unfounded – fear has stopped many people from asking about thoughts of suicide. The idea is likely already there and needs to be talked about
Suicide is more common among people from lower socio economic groups and the unemployed Suicide thoughts and behaviours are found across all socio economic and income groups. They do not discriminate
People who talk about suicide don’t do it Unfortunately they do – especially if no-one is listening and taking them seriously