Suicide Care

About Us

Suicide Care contracts highly skilled professional trainers to provide quality best practice suicide prevention training to individuals, groups and communities. Our team of experts care deeply about providing the best possible learning outcomes for all participants, helping equip people with knowledge and effective responses to prevent suicide.

Our Programs

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

ASIST is a two-day workshop designed to provide valuable skills and knowledge to prevent suicide – a program available and suitable for all caregivers both in formal and informal helping roles. Based on an adult education model, ASIST supports participants learning through presentation of information, discussion, videos and practical exercises.[…]

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safeTALK is a half-day program truly relevant to everyone in the community regardless of their role, previous experience or training. ‘Safe’ stands for Suicide Alertness For Everyone and TALK refers to the simple yet effective TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe. safeTALK teaches a simple yet powerful messages about[…]

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Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness is a two-hour presentation that explores the question – Should we talk about suicide? Through group participation and discussion, participants not only conclude that suicide should be part of our community conversation, but also gain an understanding of how that conversation can help overcome the stigma and taboos[…]

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Understanding Self-harming Behaviour

This program is a three-hour training program that expands knowledge and understanding of some key issues around this self-harming behaviour. Learning Outcomes Participants will learn more about: The difference between suicide and self-harm It’s all about the pain – why people self-harm? Attention seeking or attention needing? Helpful responses to[…]

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Tailored programs

Tailored training programs and/or information sessions for workplaces, schools, communities and organisations are available on request. As are additional programs and assistance, support and guidance on and including: Development of workplace policies and procedures around suicide Development of an awareness and education strategy for your workplace Cultural perspectives on suicide

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Who We Are

Our experienced, independent trainers come from diverse career backgrounds. Each bringing their own unique set of skills and expertise to the training teams we form to deliver LivingWorks training to those living in urban centres, as well as rural and remote communities across Australia.

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Meet the Team

Lindy Macgregor

Director: Training & Development


  • “The interactive nature of the training added to my learning and skills. Discussions were allowed to flow naturally and practice felt safe”

  • “The course expanded many aspects about suicide I had not considered before. The practical exercises and role plays were the most valuable activities.”

  • “Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge around suicide. I feel more confident to assist others who are in need”

Where We Work

Suicide Care provides practical, engaging and empowering best-practice training programs relevant and available to individuals, communities, and organisations ANYWHERE in the world where people are at risk of suicide.

Our clients throughout Australia and the world and the countries where we have worked and have a presence includes:

• Australia
• NZ
• South Africa
• Fiji
• Samoa
• Hong Kong
• Korea
• China
• Japan
• Singapore
• Sri Lanka
• Canada
• Scotland
• Denmark