Suicide Care


Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness is a two-hour presentation that explores the question – Should we talk about suicide? Through group participation and discussion, participants not only conclude that suicide should be part of our community conversation, but also gain an understanding of how that conversation can help overcome the stigma and taboos that have traditionally surrounded suicide. Common myths are debunked and replaced by new knowledge that can help save a life.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn:

  • To overcome their fear of talking about suicide
  • About how direct and open talk about suicide is the first step towards reducing stigma and creating a suicide safer community
  • To understand more about what is needed in a community that is aware of the risk of suicide
  • To be more aware of community resources and agencies and how to access this information

* Tailored talks on suicide awareness in particular communities, cultural groups or workplaces are available on request.